Nails & Manicures

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Our Nails & Manicures Treatments

Under 10’s Gel Polish – 45 Minutes

Finger Repair – 10 Minutes per finger

Nail Cut & Tidy – 10 Minutes

File & Polish – 20 Minutes

Princess Mini Manicure & Polish (up to age 10) – 20 Minutes

Get Polish Princess Under 10 – 20 Minutes

Gel Polish Ages 11-14 – 20 Minutes

Gel Polish Ages 15+ – 25 Minutes

Overlay & Polish – 30 Minutes

Extensions Gel Biab Colours Only – 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Gel Extensions Full Set with Gel Polish/Glitter Polish – 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Manicure – 45 Minutes

Luxury Manicure – 1 hour 15 Minutes

Infills with Gel Polish – 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Nail Art French or Coloured Tips – 10 Minutes

Nail Art Metallic Powders – 10 Minutes

Nail Art Design/Marble/Foils – 15 Minutes

Gel Removal Filed – 15 Minutes

Removal of four builder gel – 15 Minutes

Soak Off – 20 Minutes

Soak Off Gel – 15 Minutes

Gel Soak Off with new set of extensions – 2 Hours 15 Minutes

Soak Off Acrylic Gel – 40 Minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use for extensions ?

We use The Gel Bottle builder gel

How long does the gel last?

3-5 weeks

Do The Gel Bottle products contain HEMA?

All TGB products have under 20% HEMA concentration level (which falls below the 30-35% recommended limit).

TGB have incredibly low reaction rate (in 2022-23, of the 11 million BIAB™ services had a reaction rate of 0.004%).

Where are the The Gel Bottle products manufactured?

The products are manufactured in the UK, EU and the Far East.

All their suppliers have passed ISO 22716 audit. ISO 22716 is an international standard of good manufacturing practices (GMP) for the cosmetics manufacturing industry

When a product is sold within the EU it legally needs to comply with the strict UK/ EU Cosmetic 1223/2009 regulations – regardless of manufacturing country.

TGB Allergy Statement

Since TGB was born in 2015, the health & safety of our customers & their clients always has and will be our priority. We are a professional brand, selling only to those who are qualified to use our products to ensure products are applied correctly & safely.

Cosmetic products are one of the safest products available to consumers. All cosmetics sold in the UK are regulated by very strict European laws (specifically the EU Cosmetic Products Regulation 1223/2009).

This law requires ALL products sold in the EU to undergo an in-depth safety assessment by an unbiased, qualified cosmetic safety assessor (who specialises in this law) to ensure that the product is safe to use and contains no harmful ingredients. All of this has to happen before the product is ever sold.

However, it is true that almost any substance, natural or man-made can cause a reaction in somebody, somewhere. Some people are even allergic to water! Everybody is different and we may find that one person has a reaction to something that thousands of people use without any problems. For example, some people can eat peanuts safely, whilst some can have severe allergies to them.

What’s the difference between gel polish and regular polish?

The main difference between a gel manicure and regular manicure is that gel polish needs to be cured using a UV or LED lamp in order to stick to your nails, whereas regular polish adheres by air drying.


Our Gorgeous Clients

“Had a couple of treatments in the last 2 weeks, a fab facial - amazing! it was so relaxing and my skin felt great afterwards. Next was my lashes! I've never had lash extensions before so wasn't sure whether I'd like them! I love them!! They look so natural. Helen and her team are fab at what they do and Helen has done such a great job with my lashes I even have a friend calling up tomorrow to book in to get hers done!”


Tracy Jones

"Katie as always did a fantastic job so pleased with my new nails. Always enjoy my new nail Day with you Gorgeous girls."


Helen Clayton

"Lovely experience as always. Erin is the best and knows me perfectly 💞"


Charlotte Brown

"Fantastic as always Hollie is always accommodating and does a great job on my nails 💅"


Amy Caddick

"Ellie was so pleasant during my appointment and provided excellent customer service! Will be definitely going back."


Ranj Jandu

"Great experience with Helen for gel nails and with Adam for hair styling. Love coming to this salon for quality products and great service. Five star from me!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️."


Sarav Dhillonu

"Fantastic service from Adam. Patience of a saint dealing with my very thick hair. All the staff are polite, great team work ."


Zoe Reid

"I always love my trips to Gorgeous, they do an amazing job. Especially Ebony, always see her when I come in and she is the best. I always leave extremely happy"


Rachel Holloway

"Excellent service as always Ebony colours my hair beautifully and wouldn’t go anywhere else!"


Lisa Randley

"Staff were very friendly and were very kind and patient with my 4 year old who was having her nails done for the first time"


Aimee Ratcliffe

"Finally a salon that made me feel welcome whilst also doing a fantastic job on my hair and eyelashes. 10/10 and have recommended it to all my family and friends!"

Sasha Evans

"Two lovely young women who attended to our nails. Advice given was good and the finished nails were just perfect for both my daughter and I. Would recommend and thank you"

Patricia Benton

"The salon is a beautiful, friendly place with a great atmosphere. It's always a pleasure to come and receive high-quality service."

Olena Bakunieva

"Always gives a professional service and care is taken to ensure that I am happy with the service provided."

Annette Harvey-Pittaway

"Lovely pedicure, amazing electric blue and good conversation/laughs as always."

Felicia Geoffroy

"Had another lovely appointment with Ellie, having a lash lift and tint and eyebrow tint pleased with the service as always"

Dawn Hoopery