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Our Cryopen Treatments

Consultation required prior to treatment to discuss the treatment plan.

Cry Pen – 30 Minutes

Cryopen Lesion Removal  – 30 Minutes

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a highly effective and safe procedure that is used to freeze and destroy benign skin lesions. It uses liquefied nitrous oxide to destroy the tissue by freezing the cell fluid which in turn forms ice shards that rupture the cell membrane in turn destroying the cell and the lesion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cryosurgery?

Cryosurgery is the controlled destruction of unwanted tissue by the precise application of extreme
cold. The process is called cryo-necrosis, tissue destruction by freezing. Rapid freezing to 27 °C and
more will produce cryonecrosis in all benign human tissues and ice crystals will form. The ice crystals
break the cell membrane, destroy the cells organelles and protein matrixes. Water then rushes into
the surrounding area causing blistering and disruption of the local blood supply

What are the benefits of cryosurgery?

Cryosurgery is quicker than other treatments and patients can be in and out in seconds. It requires
no anaesthesia and has minimal scaring. There are no limitations on activity except to protect the
area from damage or abrasion, they can work, bath, swim, immediately after the treatment. There’s
no cut, no bleeding, no sutures and no risk of infection.

What type of lesions can be treated?

Most unwanted benign skin lesions can be removed such as verrucae, skin tags, solar lentigo, pigmented spots, actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses, hemangioma, molluscum contagiosum, condyloma, plantar warts, and more.

Can I have treatment anywhere on the body?

Care should be taken when treating areas with very thin skin and areas where the colour is cosmetically important such as face, ears, scrotum and lateral surface of fingers.

How long does a treatment take?

A typical freeze on viral infections may last from 5 to 10 seconds for a small flat wart, and up to 45 seconds for a full thickness plantar wart. For general purposes, most lesions take about 2 to 30 seconds.

What preparation is needed before treatment?

No preparation is necessary before treatment, unless it is a wart or verruca.

Do you need anaesthesia?

No anaesthesia is needed as the extreme cold causes anaesthesia which allows the treatment to be tolerable.

What are the considerations of the treatment?

Consult a Doctor before proceeding with CryoPen procedures if the person being treated has:

  • Impaired sensation
  • Impaired circulation
  • Superficial nerves
  • Open wounds
  • Skin cancer
  • Hypersensitivity to cold
  • Cardiac disease.
  • No moles should be treated unless approved and assessed by a medical physician.
Is the treatment painful?

At a penetration rate of 1 mm per 5 seconds, the ice will reach the caudal extent of the lesion after a given amount of time related to the depth of the lesion. From that moment the patient will experience a pain sensation. This may be the moment to stop treatment. There might be a little residual stinging for a few minutes after treatment.

Will there be scaring?

Typically, it leaves the least amount of scarring of any form of lesion removal because it causes the least damage to the connective tissues. Hypopigmented lesion will be noted until this darkens with the new tanning.

How long will the lesion take to heal?

Occasionally, a blister might form and persist for op to 5 days. After the lesion scabs over, healing depends on how deep the wound is. Typically, healing takes between 2 – 6 weeks, depending on the length of freeze and location.

How many treatments are needed?

Most lesions will respond to a single treatment. However, some deeper lesions may take several aggressive treatments to get results.

How long will the results last?

For most lesions, cryosurgery is a permanent removal. Some lesions are harder to remove than others.

Will there be permanent discoloration?

Both hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation may occur after cryosurgery. Both generally last a few months, but can be longer lasting. Permanent colour loss can occur in dark skinned patients

Will activities be limited after treatment?

There are no limitations on activity expect to protect the area from damage or abrasion. Swimming and showering are not a problem.

What if the blister pops?

If the blister pops, the use of an antibiotic cleaning solutions is recommended. Covering the area with a
bandage also promotes healing.


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